Monday, March 21, 2011

Barry Bonds finally goes on trial

Photo One to be used as evidence against Bonds
Jury selection starts today (Monday). The long awaited of trial of one Barry Bonds, technically the all-time home run leader in major league baseball, is starting in a San Francisco courthouse. Bonds is attempting to prove he didn't perjure himself to a Federal Grand Jury when he said he "Never used steroids".

As you know, the rumors abound about Bonds's alleged use and the key point in the case will be the differences in Bonds's body over the years. He went from a lean, athletic looking body type when he first came up to the majors to a very, large--almost bloated looking version in his later years, when the home runs came in droves.

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Photo 2 to be used as evidence against Bonds

The trial is expected to run 2-4 weeks and it will be very heavily followed. There is a lot of speculation that they'll never be able to prove Bonds did anything. His personal trainer, Greg Anderson, who has already said he will not testify against his former client.

The prosecution is relying heavily on photographic evidence and the testimony of Bonds former mistress, Kimberly Bell. Specifically they'll be focusing on the various physical changes in Bonds appearance.

To be honest, we aren't sure exactly what this trial will accomplish. The evidence as it will be presented here is very circumstantial. It rely's almost exclusively on hearsay and photos. Bonds never tested positive and there isn't actual physical proof that he did it.

That being said, we believe that he did, nobody changes like he did in the span of a few years without some artificial help. We also fully realize that during the time period he played, a lot of guys did the same thing. That doesn't make it right and in fact, it is illegal. But it is only illegal if you get caught and though Bonds certainly looks the part outwardly, there really is no tangible proof that he actually did it. (I can't believe I just said that).

 Check out this interesting video that someone did with year-by-year photos of Mr. Bonds and his stunning growth:

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