Tuesday, March 29, 2011

NC State gets territorial about their "Wolfpack"

NC State Mascot/Courtesy: mancavesports.org
And they are pretty determined to not let anyone else use the name. At least not in the form that they use it in.

The Raleigh, North Carolina school has apparently told tiny Loyola University that they can no longer use the name "Wolfpack" or logo because it's "Trademark Infringement". But...they did say that "For a Fee", they could use it. How generous

Read the story from the Charlotte Observer RIGHT HERE
Loyola Logo/Courtesy: loyola university

Apparently NC State had a similar dust up with the University of Nevada. That suit, required Nevada to rename themselves the"Wolf Pack" and change the mascot--slightly.

While we understand the world of "Trademark Infringement" and marketing and all that, this is just plain STUPID. We half expect to hear from NC State from either using the term "NC State" or "Wolfpack". Though we find it hard to believe that it might lead anyone to believe that NC State is sponsoring us.

Suits and legal action such as this are happening more frequently these days. And they are happening because schools and/or teams think they can make a buck off of it. Even if a school or team uses a similar name and/or logo, we find it incredibly hard to believe that there would be "Confusion" over who it represents or endorses. Which is exactly what the Assistant General Counsel, Shawn Troxler of North Carolina seems to be inferring.

And since the Washington Redskins sued the Washington Post for using the name "Redskins" in their pro football section, we'll have to let you know if we get legal paperwork from the clowns at NC State.

And because we always wanted to know what would happen if a 3rd rate mascot from a 4th rate school in the ACC did the weather, we found this which includes the NC State Mascot:

Try suing this version of the "WOLFPACK..BITCHES!"

See what happens when Tony Schiavone tried...???
((HT: WCW/TNT/youtube))

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