Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mike Anderson may stay at Mizzou...or not

Mike Anderson/Courtesy: cuttingdownnets.com
Well, at least Missouri is trying to keep Mr. Anderson as their coach. They've tentatively agreed to give him a raise and extend his contract. Unlike most people struggling for a 1-percent raise, Anderson would get around $500,000, raising his pay to about $2 million a year.

The contract would also add two years to the five remaining on his contract.

The reason. Mizzou wants Anderson to stick around. He's supposedly been heavily courted by Arkansas, who is among several schools in the market for a new head coach.

Read about the extension from STLToday RIGHT HERE

The Columbia Daily Tribune says that the agreement is imminent and in fact, the two sides have been working on it since before the Arkansas rumors starting floating.

You can read that story RIGHT HERE

We believe that Anderson would be insane to go to Arkansas. Yes, we realize he was an assistant there for many years and has some ties. But why would he give up an arguably more lucrative job for that one?

He's built a very solid program in Missouri and with most of his lineup returning for another season, there is no reason to think they won't be better than this years NCAA tourney team.

If he goes to Arkansas, he already has half the crazed, insanely stupid boosters against him. They would be looking for a way to run him out of town like they have so many others. And quite honestly, the Arkansas people are delusional if they think their job is better.

We think most of what happened here with Anderson was just a ploy to get more money. Not that an agent would ever do that for a client. And you know what. Because the coaches now get paid obscene amounts of money, just like the pros....it worked.

Here's the latest, we think, from our friends at KFSM-TV

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