Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bonds Day 8: Down To Three

((HT: KGO-TV))

The Feds are down to their last three witnesses in the Bonds perjury trial.

Bonds' orthopedic surgeon Dr. Arthur Ting is first- probably after the court reads a transcript of Bonds' 2003 grand jury appearance.

After Ting, the government was expected to call pre-eminent anti-doping expert Don Catlin and Bonds former personal shopper Kathy Hoskins. Prosecutors have said Hoskins will testify that she once saw Bonds' personal trainer Greg Anderson inject him with some unknown substance. Bonds' defense team is going to paint Hoskins as a disgruntled ex-employee.

Of course, no one knows exactly what the substance was and since Anderson won't testify, we still won't know.

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