Monday, March 28, 2011

Your NFL Strike Update: TV Makes Plans (Rich vs. Rich--Day 15)

Arthur Blank, Roger Goodell and others/Courtesy: d.orlando
It's Monday, so it's time for our weekly series known as the Battle of the really, really rich or what they prefer to call it: The NFL Lockout.

In today's episode, we hear from the TV Networks who are trying to cover their collective hiney's in case they don't have NFL Football as a programming option this fall. Oh, advertisers are making plans as well.

CBS, FOX, NBC and ESPN are all sweating a bit heavily these days for fear their "Golden Goose" will not be laying any eggs.

Some cable networks are already contemplating alternate programming. Fox, at least has baseball until November, but none have any programming to fill gaps after that.

Read more from the Wall Street Journal RIGHT HERE

One other tidbit. The owner of the Atlanta Falcons, Arthur Blank decided to chime in yesterday. Why? We don't know.

Blank, who is a genuinely good person who means well, sometimes wades into or does things he probably shouldn't. And in this case, he shouldn't have. He again states the leagues case that "The NFLPA walked away from a deal that was more than fair." 

We give you a link to that letter courtesy of the Falcons website RIGHT HERE

While we have the utmost respect for Mr. Blank, having dealt with him for years, in this case--just stop. Please don't pander to the fans.

Our friends at ProFootballTalk provide a good summary of where we are and where we are going RIGHT HERE

Among the interesting points brought out here, the April 6th "Class Action" lawsuit is probably the next time anything significant happens here.

The other notable development is a "Grass Roots" push to have the players and owners meet, sans attorney's.

As for the players, they really don't have much to add either. Again, there has been more rhetoric, talking about the league not being willing to talk. Quite honestly, nothing new with these guys.

--Sigh-- We pretty much are resigned to the fact this is going to get resolved in a courtroom. We still think this is quite possibly the stupidest argument in the history of Sports. As much as we'd like to think one side is right and honorable and doing the right thing, we fully realize---they aren't.

It's going to be incredibly tough for 2 egotistical, narcissistic groups to sit in the same room and agree on anything. We realize that. We just hope that both sides stop trying to convince the fans that they are on the fans side. They aren't.

In the meantime, because we laugh at the thought of a strike with Replacement players, we give you the real Replacements:

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