Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Dez Bryant no longer welcome at Dallas area mall

Bwahahaha! Sorry, we couldn't contain our laughter after reading this story. It seems as though Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant has been banned from a Dallas area mall after creating a "Disturbance".

According to a report by WFAA-TV, Bryant received a "Criminal Trespass warning at the NorthPark Center on Saturday night. He received the warning apparently after he and some friends went to the mall wearing pants that according to Mall Security--were half down their hips, exposing their underwear".

As the story goes, security asked the men to pull up their pants and were summarily treated to "Profanity Laced" tirade which necessitated Mr. Bryant being asked to leave--and not come back.

Read the entire story from WFAA-TV RIGHT HERE

And--get this. It apparently was not Bryant's "1st issue" at the mall. According to the warning he was issued, Bryant is subject to arrest if he is found at the mall within the next 90 days.

Interesting. On first read, the response here is Bryant needs to act like a grown-up. If he's offending people at the Mall and is asked to pull up his pants, that, despite the potential cultural issues, is not an unreasonable request. Had he complied, we wouldn't be discussing this.

We realize, the "Low-slung" pants thing is somewhat cultural and not necessarily something we totally understand. But...that being said. You just can't do that in a public place. Period. If you want to dress like that around your neighborhood or in your house, go for it. But you are in a public place--a mall.

At second glance, the bigger issue is that it wasn't his first "Disturbance" at the Mall. And while he may feel picked on, we think that the opposite is true and the Mall has given him multiple chances and overlooked some things.

The bottom line here is Bryant just needs to "Shut Up" and let this go away. But we are guessing he won't. He just proves and verifies what people think about some NFL Football players, they don't act like grown-ups, because people don't make them act that way. Grow-up dude, despite what you think, you aren't 15 anymore.

Here's the TV Story from WFAA:

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