Monday, March 21, 2011

DEVELOPING: Michael Floyd, Notre Dame's best receiver charged with DUI--now with update

Michael Floyd/Courtesy: WNDU/Campus police
((ht: wndu-tv))

Michael Floyd, the leading receiver last year for the Notre Dame football team is in trouble this morning.

It seems Mr. Floyd was arrested early Sunday morning and charged with DUI. And he was apparently arrested while on the Notre Dame campus. And it isn't his first alcohol related issue. He was cited for underage drinking back in January in Minneapolis, where he lives.

He apparently posted--or someone posted a $500 bond for him and will be back in court in April. Oh, by the way...spring practice for the Irish begins in three days. Wonder what coach Brian Kelly will have to say about this.

**UPDATED**--Floyd blew a .19 according to a report in the Chicago Tribune. He apparently failed 3 sobriety tests. This comes as Floyd held off going to the NFL after a very successful junior season. He may now regret that as the school could very well decide to "Make him go away" after his now second legal issue.

Coach Brian Kelly is supposedly going to address the matter sometime Monday afternoon.

Here's the update from our friends at WSBT-TV in South Bend...

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