Tuesday, March 29, 2011

More legal issues for Dez Bryant: He's being sued

Dez Bryant/Courtesy: mediatourage.com
((ht: dallasnews.com))

Dallas Cowboys wide reciever Dez Bryant has some issues. One the plus side for him, the issue with the Mall appears to have been resolved. On the negative, he's now the target of a lawsuit claiming he's not paid his bills.

He's being sued by a New York jeweler who says Bryant hasn't paid him for the $240,000 of jewelry that he ordered in 2010. And....according to the Dallas Morning News, he's being sued for another $293,000 of  jewelery and $12,000-plus of sports event tickets that he charged. Mind you, both of these "Lawsuits" were for purchases he apparently made before he was drafted.

Read the story from DallasNews.com RIGHT HERE

Ok. If reading this pisses you off, it probably should. We are in no position to tell young Mr. Bryant how to live his life, but somebody probably needs to.

With the NFL on strike and the NFLPA (not a union), claiming the players need to help the players afford things after they retire, Mr. Bryant is proving that the players...or at least some of them are just plain stupid.

No, most of us can't relate to the amount of money that Bryant and other players make or pay for things. But we find it hard to believe that players can't afford to buy themselves health insurance. Oh, wait, they have to spend $500,000 on jewelry, that's much more important. For that same amount, Mr. Bryant can have health insurance for the rest of his life.

With the litany of issues Dez Bryant is having this off-season, its obvious he needs to find someone responsible to help him live his life. We get...no, we understand that he like many other athletes are overwhelmed with the idea of being poor their entire life and suddenly have more money than god being foisted upon them. We get that. And the teams should have some responsibility for either providing or strongly encouraging these kids to invest their money instead of blowing it all on stupid stuff.

We are guessing that some do listen to advice such as that. But we are also guessing, based largely on the evidence, that Dez Bryant...well, he's not listening.

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