Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Matt Painter Has A Decision To Make

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Matt Painter has two schools bidding for his services, his current employer Purdue and Missouri.

Purdue seems to be willing to make Painter very happy. Painter's current contract has a guaranteed salary of $1.3 million but his salary isn't the issue but resources for the men's basketball program is.

The Boilermaker brass seams to be willing to please Painter.

"Last night (Monday), the Board of Trustees, President (France) Cordova and (athletic director) Morgan Burke clearly demonstrated Purdue University's commitment to him and our men's basketball program." Purdue assistant athletics director Tom Schott said of the school's behalf to Purdue's Rivals.com site. "We were proactive and though we will not go into details at this time, we have encouraged Matt to stay through our words and action."

"Proactive means they gave him more money," former Purdue coach Gene Keady said Tuesday morning to the Indianapolis Star. "But money's not keeping him from thinking about Missouri." "It's about having the opportunity to win a national title with the backing of everyone. He wants to know if an assistant coach needs a car, he can get it. If something needs to be done, they'll do it, so he doesn't have to worry about all the nickel and dime stuff."

Missouri officials will meet with Painter today in Florida where the current Purdue coach is vacationing and might offer a contract. Painter may be offered the same numbers that Mike Anderson was offered to stay at Mizzou, at least $2 million for 7 years. In any case, Painter has a decision to make.

Photo Courtesy: Purdue University

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