Monday, March 21, 2011

He's back: Jerry Glanville to coach in UFL

Jerry Glanville
That, of course is assuming that the UFL actually plays this season since they have some financial issues. But if they do, your new head coach and general manager of the Hartford Colonials, the one and only, Jerry Glanville.

Glanville all but disappeared after coaching OSG fave Portland State through the 2009 season. He'll be replacing Chris Palmer who moved on to the strike laden NFL as the offensive coordinator for the Tennessee Titans.

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If they play, then kudos the UFL and the Colonials. They need somebody, no anybody who will draw some sort of attention to them. The league, which has been sued by several companies who say they are owed money is looking to play its 3rd season and try taking advantage of the NFL strike.

Glanville's shtick never gets old. From the whole "Man in Black" thing to leaving tickets for Elvis, he's a true character and should be fun to watch.

We do believe the UFL will attempt to play in 2011, but until people outside the 4 or 6 markets that the UFL plays in realize they exist, they'll go under. Glanville may, help. But we think the you'd have to already be a fan of him for that to happen

To their credit, the UFL realized that people weren't coming to see them play in the big stadiums they started in, the Colonials averaged 14,366 in 4 home games last year. Maybe they can add to that.

Here's Jerry trying to make a commercial with Mouse Davis at Portland State:

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