Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Your NFL Strike Update: No plans for Replacements (Rich vs. Rich--Day 12)

Replacment player-circa 1987/Courtesy:
Well, that's good to know. The NFL, or at least the commissioner, heretofore known as "The Jolly Roger" told the assembled masses at the NFL owners meetings, which ended Tuesday...that the league "Doesn't--plan--to use Replacement players".

See the National Football Post RIGHT HERE

We think, the comment is pretty humorous. But nowhere near as funny as his comment that "The most important issue is our fans". That---is out and out hilarious.

You can read more from the Boston Globe RIGHT HERE

The Jolly one also added nuggets such as "The Offer may get worse as the lockout goes on". Way to negotiate there dude.

You can read about that in USA Today, RIGHT HERE

Meanwhile, back at stately Wayne Manor (a Batman reference). The NFLPA, who now prefers to call themselves a--"Trade Association" as opposed to a union, continues the war of rhetoric.

Among the features on their website, a story called the "Lockout Checklist". Which simply put, is their conspiracy theory that the owners had strike on there minds for years.

You can read that document, RIGHT HERE

We don't dispute this, but the obvious question would be...why? It's certainly not in anyone's best interest to have a it? Who would benefit from such a thing? Is there an assumption by the owners that we can do this and fans will accept it? Or did they know the players were set on it because no matter what they wanted more?

Either way, this may go down as the stupidest strike in the history of all strikes. There is no documentable evidence to prove that either side was being oppressed or harmed by the other. The only solution, at least the most obvious one is that it is about greed and ego. Both sides want to be the Alpha. Both sides are making money whether they "Change" their agreement or not, it just appears that both sides are being "GREEDY" and want more.

The NFL may not want to give you Replacements, but we will. This is one of their most popular/known songs--Alex Chilton:

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