Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bonds Day 6: Giambis On Deck

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The Rockies' Jason Giambi says Barry Bonds' personal trainer first sent him steroids at the end of 2002. He went on to testify that he met Greg Anderson after the 2002 season while both were traveling with a U.S. all-star team during a tour of Japan.

Before the '03 season, Giambi said that Anderson shipped him steroids and instructions on when to use them.

Giambi didn't say anything about steroids and Bonds. What the prosecution is looking for is a discrediting of Anderson. For the 437th time, Anderson is in jail for refusing to testify at this trial or anything else related to Bonds and steroids.

The HQ is hoping Anderson is being taken care of by the appropriate parties...

Giambi said he used the steroids until August 2003.

Remember, he then went on to apologize for what he had put people through at the time, but he never used the word "steroids" in any apology.

Here's Scott Miller of CBSSports addressing the issue in 2007...
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