Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Your Strike Update: (Rich vs. Rich, Day 11) More legal posturing...

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And lord knows when lawyers are involved there are tons of big words thrown around, sometimes in Latin, that again make all participants look silly.

In today's update, we mention that the NFL has asked a federal judge to allow them to keep their lockout in place because there's no reason not to allow it since the players are "manipulating the law". They are saying wait until the NLRB rules on their "Unfair Labor Practice" charge is dealt with.

That hasn't happened yet.

If you want to read the long, wordy version of it, check out this story from ESPN RIGHT HERE

Meanwhile back at stately Wayne Manor, the players attack today focuses on the NFL making their broadcast partners essentially being forced to fund the strike. They claim the league wanted their TV agreements to have "Lockout Protection" in them, forcing the networks to pay whether or not there were games played.

Just as an aside, the documents they are using are part of the discovery process in legal proceedings. They need to be really careful here.

You can see more from the players association website (even though they no longer are a "Union), which appears to have daily updates. Follow the link RIGHT HERE

If we had a chance for either side to listen to us, we'd reiterate what we said yesterday, only less angrily. Just shut up and do something.

We still argue that both the players and the owners are dealing with egos rather than what's in their best interest. Essentially, we'd argue they are both trying to prove a point. And while that's great if you are into that kind of thing, its really hard to get anybody to like either side when you do it.

The players are coming off as a bunch of WHINY BITCHES, as we said Monday and the owners, they are just coming off as a bunch of merciless, GREEDY BASTARDS.

We don't dispute either sides right to make as much money as they can. But we get really pissed off when both sides start pleading POVERTY. No, sorry, ain't going to buy that. ALL OF YOU MAKE MORE MONEY THAN GOD. If you don't have any left, that's on you. It's not our fault. We blindly spend $100 for your game tickets and $10 for your beers and $8 for your Hot Dogs.

Don't play to our sympathies, because when it come to the battle of RICH VERSUS RICH, we can't relate. And we shouldn't have to!

Here's your NFL Strike theme song. This version courtesy of the cheesy '80's Hair Metal Band Krokus:

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