Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Your Strike Update: Plans for a payout (Rich vs. Rich--Day 16)

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In today's episode, there really isn't a whole lot to report. But we knew that would be the case. At least for the next week or so.

The only significant news is that the NFLPA (Not a Union) is in the process of making arrangements to pay players from their "Lockout" fund, beginning coincidentally or not, on April 15th.

According to a story on, the payout would be restricted to $60,000 per player maximum. However, its believed that the pay would come in 6 installments instead of all at once.

Your story from Jason La Canfora at RIGHT HERE

It will be interesting as this drags out in perpetuity to see how some NFL players will exist on what to them would have to be considered a paltry sum. To the rest of us, it's a year of work. And that's why we continue to maintain that the average fan, can't relate to the reasons for a justification of a work stoppage.

And yeah, we get that some of the "Owners" won't make money either, because their team is their primary source of income. Sure, we know many had already made their fortunes before this. And they'll survive too.

This is why we have a hard time believing that either side can claim "Poverty" or being unable to afford things. Both the players and owners make more money than any of us ever will in a given year. And in some cases, they spend more in one day then we make in a year. And yet they want more.

We say, stop bitching, stop pandering, stop trying to say you are being "Dumped On". You aren't. Until you work at a job where you have to wait quarterly to see the company bottom line to know if you'll be working the next month, you have no right to complain. Until you have to make do with one, 10-year old car that you can't afford to trade for a new one, you have no right to complain. We don't want to hear it. Figure out your damn problems in private and move on!

In the meantime, enjoy your money--Pink Floyd:

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