Thursday, March 31, 2011

Dominique Wilkins attacked by former ref---Now with fight video


This is just plain weird. NBA Hall of Famer and Atlanta Hawks VP and Broadcaster Dominique Wilkins was attacked after the Hawks game on Wednesday night against the Orlando Magic.

The attacker, Rashan Michel jumped Wilkins, hitting him in the chest and hitting a security guard. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Michel was previously an NBA and College Referee and previously owned a clothing store. He claims Wilkins owes him money.

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Interesting. Wilkins, for his part, wasn't hurt. But we are guessing he, along with everyone else who witnessed this was a bit stunned. Michel, at least judging by this mugshot, could possibly have tripped and fallen into someone's fist.

Having worked many Hawks games in our career, we know that they do have some security at Philips arena, but they tend to be off to the side and out of view. Perhaps that's something they might want to look into.

**UPDATE**---Shockingly, there's video, and it's on TMZ:

For those wondering about Wilkins, here's a reminder of why he's a legend. Thanks NBA TV:

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