Thursday, March 31, 2011

Your NFL Strike Update: So it doesn't work? (Rich vs. Rich--Day 17)

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Really? The model doesn't work? At least Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross says that it doesn't. And after all, if he says something, we know it must be true.

Ross, on a stage with NFL and Dolphins legend Dan Marino at a Sports business convention told an audience that "The model doesn't work""There probably won't be football until it does work".


Read the story and judge for your selves. From the Miami Herald RIGHT HERE

Ross did later add that he believes there will be a settlement. But let's get back to the original comment. What doesn't work? Is $50-$100 million in profit per season not enough? Is the perpetual increase in value of the franchises not enough? What constitutes a "Model" that does work?

If you want to know the reason nobody, with the exception of a few, empathize with the business moguls who run Pro Football teams, here's your reason. Really, I'm not sure what else can be said.

We also might add on the Owners/League website yesterday, they did pat themselves on the back for paying $245 million in player benefits.

You can read more about that RIGHT HERE

By contrast, to further emphasize the stupidity of this argument, the NFLPA (Not a union) posted a list of the Net Worth of the NFL Owners. Oddly enough, Mr. Ross, would be #2 at $3.3 billion.


It's been a relatively quiet day for the players. Although Aqib Talib turned himself in to Garland,Texas police yesterday to face his assault charges.

We like the fact that the players are not mouthing least today. We've maintained from the get-go, just keep your mouths shut and don't say stupid stuff and maybe things can get done. We still argue that the whole premise of this "Lockout" is stupid. It's not about money, although they say it is. It's not about care, although it factors in. No, it's plain and simple about ego. You can deny it, but you know it's true. If both groups really wanted to do what is in the best interest of the game and fans, we wouldn't be having this daily rant. Think about it.

For some reason, this just jumps out at us today. Maybe we should put De Smith and the Jolly Roger on the Minnow....Enjoy Bowling for Soup doing Gilligan's Island:

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