Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Your NFL Strike Update: Isn't the NFLPA kind? (Rich vs. Rich--Day 16)

DeMaurice Smith/Courtesy: File
They are so sweet. They just want to do what is best for you, the NFL Draft fan. You can just see it in the flutter of their collective eyes.

Today's update in the legal action none of us can relate to, the NFLPA (not a union--a trade group!), out of the kindness in their hearts, have decided to not hold an event simultaneously with the NFL draft. They've decided to hold their usual spate of draft weekend events in New York City, but have scheduled them so they don't conflict with the draft itself.

You can read about their greatness from their own website RIGHT HERE

Oh, and for what it is worth, they've filed their final legal brief in preparation for the April 6th lawsuit hearing with a Minneapolis judge. In it, they harp on the fact that in a previous settlement, the league and its owners agreed the NFLPA could decertify when they needed to. They argue that the owners are not complying with that agreement, saying the NFLPA's actions are a "Sham" and that is the reason for the "Lockout" (Technically its not a strike)

You can read that legal discourse from the NFLockout website RIGHT HERE

Fred Taylor, a long time NFL Running Back had his own take on what is going to happen. Taylor in fact thinks the "Lockout" will be over in about a month. He offered his own take on negotiations in an interview with the Florida Times-Union and writer Tania Ganguli including the notion that the owners deal, was the worst in labor history according to NFLPA president DeMaurice Smith

You can read excerpts from Jacksonville.com RIGHT HERE

Meanwhile, back at stately Wayne manor, the Owners fired back on their own website. In a post by the author "Staff", the league is arguing why they consider the NFLPA's action illegal. And though we ourselves are not legal experts by any means, we kind of wonder about this ourselves. Especially since the only thing that seems to have changed with the NFLPA is that they don't call themselves a union anymore.

It's mostly legalese, but the league gives a lengthy but compelling reason as to why the NFLPA's actions were very premeditated and not entirely legal.

You can read it HERE

Okay, again with the rhetoric. What does all of this verbiage mean?

Well, I'm glad you asked. Really, it means next to nothing. It means nothing will happen at least before April 6th. It means that the Draft will happen regardless of where the two sides stand. It means that we'll hear a lot more posturing and a ton of pandering in the next couple of weeks.

It also means this is far from over. We are guessing that neither side will be totally victorious in the April 6th litigation. We suspect they will be coerced back to the bargaining table, but nothing of consequence will happen right now.

Essentially right now, it means that both groups are playing chicken. They are waiting to see who blinks first. The owners are betting on the players breaking ranks, individually at first, in larger groups as we get closer to a season. As for the players, the path they've chosen is essentially go for broke. That's the main reason they don't want to continue negotiating, despite saying they'll talk. If they really wanted to talk and work something out, they would have. The two sides aren't that far apart.

So? What are you saying? Well, I'm saying you are going to continue to get updates Monday thru Friday for awhile because we don't expect much, other than more rhetoric to happen for the next week or so. So enjoy!

In preparation for the possibility of replacements, we give you the movie, the Replacements. More specifically, deep thoughts by Shane Falcon (as played by Keanu Reeves)--dig the subtitles:

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