Monday, March 21, 2011

Your NFL Strike Update: Stupid Rhetoric- (Rich vs. Rich)-day 10

Roger Goodell/File
Sorry we couldn't update our mocking of the NFL strike over the weekend. That whole job thing gets in the way from time-to-time.

Here's the latest salvo in the battle that is--The NFL Strike:

When we left you on Friday, the NFLPA...ok, the players received a letter/e-mail from the Jolly Roger (Roger Goodell), outlining why their last offer was a good one.

It didn't go over so well.

The players association, though not union, issued a brief rebuttal--essentially saying that Goodell and the owners are liars.

Now, we move forward to Monday, the owners are meeting in New Orleans and the rhetorical fighting continues with Players Association head DeMaurice Smith again saying "It's the worst deal in the history of Sports". He may come to regret that.

The players continue, they now have a website that will tell YOU, what you are missing. If you want to check it out, follow the link HERE

For their part, the league and its owners say the last offer was "Still negotiable". They say the players had no interest.


We still maintain what we've said all along. The owners are a bunch of greedy bastards. Why hold back your financials? According to the players, that would be all it takes to resolve this. Are you (Owners) hiding something? It sure seems that way...

And players---STOP SAYING STUPID SHIT!!! Just keep your mouths shut. You'll win. Why is your front man saying the owners offer is the "Worst deal ever". IT ISN'T!!!!

Do you not get that no person who attends your games on a regular basis can't relate to the money you are talking about? Do you not get that we don't have ANY sympathy for either side here? You all--and the owners are coming off sounding like WHINY BITCHES!!!

Just stop! You're making me angry as I write this. If you want to disagree its your right. We don't begrudge that. Just negotiate a deal....privately. We don't want to hear that the players are "Treated Like Slaves". That may be the single most ludicrous statement of all-time. We've been to an NFL Training facility. 99-percent of all living human beings would kill for facilities like that. You travel on charter jets from city to city and stay at the nicest hotels in every town you go to. You don't pay for it. SHUT UP!!!!!

We're going to stop now because we are getting more angry the more we think about this. I still don't know why we should care. There are other things in life to do rather than watch NFL Football. I know a lot of people in a lot of places don't believe that, but its true. You should try it. You might find you have a whole heck of a lot more money in your pocket.

Until then...we give you "The Crying Game"...because that's these people seem to do...

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