Sunday, June 6, 2010

Big 12 tells Nebraska and Missouri to get it over with... UPDATE: Pac-10 OK With Expansion...

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We, much like the rest of the college football world are eagerly awaiting the end of the conference realignment dance. Nobody is perhaps more anxious than Dan Beebe, the commissioner of the Big 12 Conference.

According to a story in today's Austin American-Statesman, the Conference has told Nebraska and Missouri to make up their minds where they are going. And they added "Do it by Friday".

Both schools have been allegedly linked to the Pac 10 and the Big 10, but nobody will "On the Record" confirm that as being true.

That is all well and good, but Beebe and the "12" might want to pay a little more attention to what is happening with 6 other of its teams. Teams that are being wooed by the Pac 10.

The Pac 10 is meeting this weekend in San Francisco and one of the topics of conversation has been raiding roughly half of the "Big 12", a move that would cripple the conference. Nothing has been decided as of the writing of this story.

We don't, at this point really know who or what to believe. The alleged sticking point in all of this has allegedly been the University of Texas. On one hand the story goes that the Pac 10 wants them as one of their "6". The other is the steady trickle of stories saying that the "Big 10" has tried hard to get them. However, a sticking point may be the Texas legislature, which is trying to have a voice on which teams "They" would allow to move with UT.

Like everyone else, we will sit back, watch and wait. We are beginning to get the feeling that even after all of the talk, nothing will get done before this years football season begins. That doesn't mean that it won' will. There is too much money involved for it not to.

Check out this really cool video that the University of Nebraska did. One football a One Minute and 43 second time lapse:

SUNDAY UPDATE: The Pac-10 muckety-mucks have given Commissioner Larry Scott the official okey-dokey to expand. Mark Saxson of ESPNLosAngeles has emerged from the conference meetings with the notion that the Pac-10 should know what they're doing by the end of the calendar year... or even as early as July 27 - Day One of Pac-10 Media Days In New York City.

The schools that would be a part of the Big West ((Or whatever in the hell they're going to call it)) wouldn't join until the 2012-13 season.

There are also reports emerging that the Texas state legislature is pressuring the idea of Baylor going to the new conference instead of Colorado. John Werner of the Waco Tribune-Herald trails another report that 15 legislators will back the Bears and not the Buffs.

“If you’re going to have an exported commodity involved in this, do you think we’re going to allow a school outside the state of Texas to replace one of our schools in the Big 12 South?” a high-ranking member of the Texas Legislature who asked not to be identified told

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