Sunday, June 6, 2010

Ice Edge moves forward...Coyotes may stay put...


We may finally have a winner in the Phoenix Coyotes ownership derby.

Yes, we know that this has been said before and yes, it may not be the last time we say it either. But, on Friday afternoon, the group that is stepping up to the plate, Ice Edge Holdings, got what they were looking for; a memo of understanding with the city of Glendale.

That memo will give them 60 days of exclusive negotiating time to come up with a lease deal that will work for them and the city of Glendale, where the Coyotes are currently located.

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The next step in this process comes on Tuesday, when the Glendale city council takes up the memo and Ice Edge will have to prove that they have the financing to pull off the deal for the team and arena lease.

Hopefully, this will all work out and a deal will be done. We've reported on this story ad nauseum and we are ready for it to come to an end.

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