Thursday, June 10, 2010

Looks like 2-Years for USC

We knew this was coming, just nobody knew when. The USC (Southern Cal) Football looks like they will be at home for the next two bowl seasons.

According to a plethora of reports, Lane Kiffin and his boys will be feeling the effects of following Pete Carroll for at least two years. They apparently will be banned from post-season bowl games, lose some games they won, lose 30 scholarships and various other restrictions including probation.

Here's Pete Carroll's understandable response from Seattle...
((HT: PeteCarrollTV))

That all stems from issues primarily surrounding two players; Reggie Bush and OJ Mayo. By the way, we don't mention the basketball team, because they self-imposed a post-season ban on themselves this past season.

There is much, much more in this story from NBC Los Angeles RIGHT HERE
Some additional details from CBS2 in LA RIGHT HERE

According to the reports, the school was going to announce something along these lines in a press conference Thursday afternoon, that has now been scaled back to a Press Release. Hmmmm....does anyone think that Mr. Bush, Mr. Mayo or former coaches Pete Carroll or Tim Floyd will be commenting? either.

ABC7 in LA has some campus reaction, check it out:

And here's coverage from "Good Day LA" and our friends at Fox11-KTTV

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