Thursday, June 10, 2010

Jeremiah Masoli is no longer a Duck

It's not true that once you are a Duck you are always a Duck. Troubled-now former-Oregon Quarterback Jeremiah Masoli has been asked to leave the football program by Coach Chip Kelly.

Masoli was already on probation after being arrested and convicted of robbing a University fraternity house. He was arrested this weekend for driving with a suspended license, failure to stop at a driveway or crosswalk and more importantly, police found marijuana in his glove compartment. Needless to say they didn't like that.

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((Jeremiah Masoli in better times//Courtesy: Ross William Hamilton/The Oregonian))

Coach Kelly didn't hesitate to do what he apparently should have after Masoli's first arrest...get rid of him.

It brings to a close the college career of someone who not so long ago was considered a Heisman candidate. With Masoli, the Ducks were considered one of the nation's best football teams this upcoming season. Even without him they were held in high regard.

Nobody knows what the future holds for the young man, hopefully someone will be able to guide him in the right direction. He isn't likely to land at another school, we will see where or if he lands next.

KVAL-TV in Eugene has the TV Story:

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