Thursday, August 12, 2010

Strong Booted From UTEP, Floyd Questions Rise Again

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Texas El-Paso senior guard Myron Strong has been kicked off the Miners squad by head coach Tim Floyd. But Strong didn't leave town without calling out Floyd and burning every bridge he could find between El Paso and Memphis, Tennessee.

Strong told KVIA-TV in an e-mail that Floyd "stereotyped him from day one." Strong also said that Floyd even intimated that another guard was brought in and Strong would fall even further down the depth chart- even possibly relieving him of his team duties. Strong also said that he knew Tim Floyd created an artificial charity event to pay off OJ Mayo.


On his Facebook page, the HQ thinks anyway... Strong told people early on Thursday:

Its better to know something or experience something for yourself than to take somebody else word. That way u know for sure

Dan Wolken, through his Twitter page, has been keeping up with everything through his work in the Commercial Appeal. Wolken tracked down Tim Floyd who said: Spoke with Floyd, who went right back at Strong, said he was dismissed due to drug policy violation, noted his fourth school in 4 years.

Strong claims he's going to play for Victory University, an NAIA school in Memphis.

Just so you can see what Strong looks like in time for his return to Memphis, here's some postgame from a Conference USA game between UTEP and SMU
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The HQ knows this is far from over...
More when we know more...

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