Friday, March 4, 2011

Board Split On Ramage Parole

Former NHL player Rob Ramage has been denied in his bid to be released from a halfway house. He has served eight months of his four-year sentence at the Frontenac Institution in the Ontario town of Kingston.

Ramage was convicted in 2007 of impaired driving in a 2003 crash that killed his friend and fellow NHL'er Keith Magnuson. The two men had just left a funeral reception for another ex-NHL player, Keith McCreary.

Here's the story as it ran four years ago...
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As a settlement, the board did grant him permission to leave the minimum-security prison for three-day unescorted absences once a month.

Much of the hearing centered on Ramage's drinking habits, and whether he takes responsibility for the crash. In the past, Ramage has denied he was drunk at the wheel- despite urine and blood analysis that showed his BAC was three times legal limits.

"I don't know that you've internalized ... that you were drunk and caused this," board member Pauline Hodgkiss told him during the hearing.

Ramage admitted he was driving drunk in the hearing (finally), but maintained he has never been an alcoholic. The HQ doesn't know what the change in direction for Ramage was brought on by- responsibility or just wanting to get out of the house in Kingston.

The board's two members split on whether to grant Ramage day parole when he becomes eligible in May.

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