Friday, March 11, 2011

Fiesta Bowl takes lots of Oklahoma and UConn money

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If you ever wanted to know why we think BCS Bowl Games and Bowl Games in general are a sham, then continue reading this story.

The participants in January's Fiesta Bowl, we'll they didn't exactly have as fun of a trip as they probably would've liked to. The University of Oklahoma made money. $9,350 to be exact and they only made it because their conference picked up the other $1,884,250 of their tab.

As for the other participant, UConn, they weren't so lucky. They owe the Arizona bowl game $1,663,580. And no, the Big East isn't bailing them out.

Read the excellent story from the Hartford Courant RIGHT HERE

If you ever want to argue why the whole College Football Bowl system needs to be revamped, ratings non-withstanding, you can start here.

The reason both schools were so indebted to the bowl game, they didn't sell their allotment of tickets. While we certainly understand that the bowl games would like all of their tickets sold, it should not UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE be on the school to foot the bill if they don't. The Bowl Games, particularly the BCS Games make more in sponsorship money than god. Why do they have to bill the schools for it?

For UConn to sell all their tickets to a game in Tempe, Arizona, would've taken a miracle. And hey, with the current economic situation for most people, it was a trip they probably couldn't afford.

So instead the taxpayers of Connecticut got to pay for it.

For the Fiesta Bowl, because it's our example here, they pay their "Executive Director" John Junker--at least when he's not suspended, well over $600,000 a year and pay more than that for lobbyists. But they can't afford to foot the bill for their own tickets? No, we don't buy all.

This goes back to the argument that many are making about the BCS and Bowl Games. That argument is the system in place benefits the people aligned with the bowl games, not the participants and certainly not the schools...unless you are playing for the championship.

So we would argue it's time for change. It's time for the greed and sloth that the "Bowl Executives" are living on and off of needs to stop. It's time to play the games for the right reason. Not for the profit of a select few....

Here are some highlights from an Oklahoma fan with too much time on his hands:

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