Friday, March 18, 2011

Junior Hockey Cheap Shot Gets 40-Game Suspension

((HT: Winnipeg Free Press via The Big Lead))

All the HQ is going to do is show you the video first from a Manitoba Junior Hockey League playoff game...

First, we're surprised that it took two minutes for the coaches to go after each other. Second, we're amazed at the amount of restraint the players on the ice had after the hit.

Lastly, the kid who delivered the blow... Jesse Enns...??? Didn't somebody tell him that blue-painted mohawks went out of style in the 80's...???

Tool... at least he'll have most of next season to think about his choice in hair style.

The fallout:

Swan Valley ((Manitoba)) Stampeders assistant coach Dallas Anderson and Portage Terriers assistant Jim Tkachyk each get a 22-game suspension and a $1,500 fine. Stampeders head coach Dwayne Kirkup gets a two-game suspension and a $1,000 fine for receiving a gross misconduct penalty and not having proper control of the players on the bench.

Sorry, the HQ stands corrected...
Tools... all of you...

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