Tuesday, March 8, 2011

LeBron James sued by Atlanta nightclub....No, really, it's true...

LeBron James/Courtesy: sports.gather.com
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This whole premise is just wrong. But, boy, it must be nice to be a professional athlete and get paid like the aforementioned Mr. James does, just for showing up at a club.

Here's the deal: Apparently, an Atlanta nightclub, Opera, thought they had negotiated a deal with "An agent" representing LeBron James to do an appearance at their club on March 17th, the night before James and his Miami Heat teammates play the Atlanta Hawks.

It appears, as the story goes, Mr. James and/or his agent got greedy and agreed to make an appearance at a Rival club, the "Gold Room" for more money that night. Yes, this is me sounding stunned.

The agent, one Mr. Chubbie Baby (wow!), with James's company called "Awesomelife". Apparently offered to return Opera's money (that he took in advance), but the bar said no.

Read the entire, bizarre story from AJC.com RIGHT HERE

If this isn't one of the more absurd or stupidest stories we've heard lately, it's certainly in the top 10. We aren't naive enough to think pro athletes don't go out and party on off nights between games. They do. But to take that kind of appearance money...and use it to get a better deal from another club...to do the same thing. C'mon man!

We've not hidden our disdain for Mr.James and his representatives who seem to epitomize everything wrong with professional sports and its various hanger-ons these days. We can only hope that Opera wins this lawsuit and gets some money from the "Alleged King". Not that he'll notice it being gone, but it's just the principal of the whole thing.

Here's our friends at ESPN talking about the "Crying Game" episode from James and the Heat from Sunday night/Monday:

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