Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Might Jim Tressel and Ohio St. be in more trouble?

Jim Tressel/Courtesy: ftrsports.com
((ht: Yahoo Sports))

They may very well be in a lot of trouble. We, along with many others reported back in December about allegations that several Ohio State Football players sold memorabilia to a tattoo parlor owner .

The original story with the suspensions handed down is HERE and the follow-up HERE

The players involved, including star quarterback Terrell Pryor, are being forced to sit out the first 5 games next season. And if you look at OSU's schedule, 4 of those games are against the "Little Sisters of the Poor".

Now comes word in a lengthy and interesting report from Yahoo Sports, that despite maintaining the early December notification from the Federal Government was the 1st he'd heard about it, Buckeye's coach Jim Tressel may have known as far back as April.

The report by the excellent duo of Charles Robinson and Dan Wetzel is RIGHT HERE

Here's the reason why this might be a problem. If correct, it means that Tressel lied to investigators and to his bosses at Ohio State. And that, according to the report, is a fireable offense.

It's also a violation to the NCAA and that opens up a separate can of worms. While certainly not a "Major" offense, it is still a significant violation.

There were already tons of complaints when the NCAA and the school went along with the suspensions not taking place for the Buckeyes's BCS Bowl game, there will be more outcry now. If Tressel indeed, knew all along what had happened and didn't do anything, then the whole 2010 season becomes an issue in Columbus. The reason, the players, could very well have been ineligible all season long.

Stay tuned, it sounds like this story isn't going to be over for awhile.

WCMH-TV in Columbus has video of Tressel signing books yesterday, the investigation didn't come up:

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