Tuesday, March 1, 2011

NBA Gives Sacramento An Extension To Keep Kings

((HT: News10 Sacramento))

The NBA has granted the Sacramento Kings an extension on the deadline to file an application for relocation. That relocation would be immediate and the team is looking at, possibly, Anaheim, California for their new home.

The league announced that the Kings will have the opportunity to discuss their options at the NBA Board of Governors meetings set for mid-April. The team will have until April 18 to decide if it plans to relocate. The team had filed for an extension last week since the deadline is typically March 1st.

Sacramento has struggled for years to build a new arena, which Kings owners Joe and Gavin Maloof argue is critical for the team to stay.


The larger question is: Would the local arena survive in its current form if the Kings became the Kings of Anaheim...??? Or would Sacramento survive as a market for any kind of athletic endeavor...???

Bryan May is indoors...

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