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UFL: Unpaid(bills) Football League?

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We now have yet further proof that the UFL isn't long for this world.

For those of you unfamiliar, the UFL is the "United Football League", its marketed as an alternative to the NFL...mostly for guys unable to make an NFL roster. It's dotted with players such as Duante Culpepper, JP Losman, friend of OSG Sports Chris Griesen and a bunch guys holding on to their dream.

And apparently, the league is having trouble paying its bills. The latest. The Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida is suing the league for not paying its medical bills.

Read more from a former employer of mine, First Coast News in Jacksonville, RIGHT HERE

This news comes on top of the league apparently owing Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban somewhere in the neighborhood of $5 million and a California PR company saying they are owed $250,000.

The Jacksonville based league only has 6 teams and quite honestly, if they had the money to pay their bills, would be uniquely positioned to take advantage of the NFL strike. Sure, they play in some out of the way markets and most of the teams had to downsize the size stadiums they used because so few people came to the games.

The league told the TV station that they plan on having a 2011 season. Whether that is true or not, remains to be seen.

For those of you who missed it, here are your 2010 UFL Championship game highlights:

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