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Willie Lyles and Oregon: The problem or part of a bigger problem?

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You'll have to excuse the not weighing in on this due to the vacation that the Satellite HQ was on. But we are back and yep...we've got questions.

We are quickly catching up on the story involving the University of Oregon (and possibly others) and its relationship to a "Street Agent", one Willie Lyles and what all of this means.

For some reading, check out this excellent background piece by John Canzano of The Oregonian RIGHT HERE

This raises a ton of questions, some of which we've raised in the past. Obviously, the street agent business is a thriving one and very successful. Isn't that something the NCAA should be aware of? Should they not be making them go away? Does it not go against everything they claim to stand for?

We had heard rumors that a "Big" school was about to be "Exposed" in an investigation. Since we are just catching up, it appears Oregon is that school. Or are they?

This whole process of paying a guy such as Lyles and miraculously showing up with a prized recruit, one Lache Seastrunk that he just so happens to claim to represent....hmmmm. Sure, it raises some red flags. Particularly when a school such as Oregon who desperately wants to be "Big Time"...has...on their ledger no less, a payment to just such a shady character. That character. One Willie Lyles.

There isn't an indication, yet, that Oregon did anything wrong. Which to us is astounding. Is this not the very thing the NCAA is allegedly trying to stop? We'll see where the investigation turns as it appears Mr. Lyles was on the payroll of more than just the Ducks.

Here's the other reason we think the NCAA should be investigating Oregon. One large booster by the name of Mr. Phil Knight. Or as he's known, the chairman of NIKE.

Here's ESPN's Bruce Feldman explaining what "Recruiting Services" are:

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