Thursday, March 17, 2011

Your NFL Strike Update: Rich vs. Rich Day 6 and there was nothing

The legend of Shane Falco!
And on the 6th day, there was nothing. Though we do feel a bit of a sense of guilt for not mentioning yesterday, the stupid and inane comment by Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson two days ago that the owners "Treat the players like slaves".


We resist the temptation to go off on this comment, because there are certain parts of it that quite honestly we can't relate to.

But. Last we checked "Mr. AP", you were getting paid several million a year to play football. And while yeah, there are certain things the owners could do for the players that they don't, the analogy is just plain stupid.

In the meantime, we are monitoring several people representing both sides of this issue on Twitter. And right now, they are mostly exchanging rhetoric.

We really wish somebody would just "Man Up!" and put their ego aside and just deal with the issues at hand. You aren't that far apart. You are arguing about trivial matters when you are talking about the kind of money you are talking about. But quite honestly, there is a part of us that thinks it would be fun to see the withdrawal symptoms that the writers, players, owners and fans would go through if they didn't play in 2011.

We'd really like to see what "Joe Six-Pack" who paints his face team colors, tailgates at 5:30am for a 1pm kickoff and drinks 12 beers before walking into the stadium is going to do. He's the guy making $25,000 a year, but yet dishes out $1000 a year for a P.S.L and another $850 for season tickets (8-games) and 5-days a week feeds he and his family Raman noodles. And will happily pay another $15 per ticket per game when the owners jack-up tickets prices after they eventually lose this dispute.

What's he going to do? Hopefully he's going to spend that money on acting like a grownup. But I could be wrong.

Anyway, enough soapbox. Take a look at a TV station sports guys spoof from 1987:

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