Friday, March 18, 2011

Your Strike (Rich vs. Rich) Update: Day 7: And now we're in Florida

Roger Goodell/Courtesy:
In today's adventure, we catch up with the members of the NFL Players Association, but not union, who are meeting in that noted "Hub of Business", Marco Island in Florida.

While searching for the latest and greatest in this dispute between the Billionaires and the Millionaires, we came across an interesting read, and one that asks a very legitimate question.

The story comes from the Boston Globe and it has to do with the players feeling insulted that the Owners feel that they wouldn't understand the "Financial" reports if they were given out. And while there may be some that don't (See Adrian Peterson), we suspect that most are smart enough to figure it out and explain it to the others.

Read the interesting story from RIGHT HERE

The other news of interest is that the Jolly Roger (Roger Goodell) sent the players a letter, outlining the league's last proposal the the (then) union.

Among the items in that proposal: (Per Associated Press)

- Salary and benefits (Salary Cap) would be $141 per team this year and rise to $164 million by 2014
- Free Agency in fours years, less offseason mandatory work, fewer padded practices.
- Keeping 16 game season and not moving to 18 without Union approval
- Guaranteeing up to $1 million of a second yr. player's contract if he's injured and can't play
- New rookie compensation system
- Jointly approved arbitrator for all drug and steroid appeals

While this, on the surface seems relatively benign and not outrageous, it doesn't appear to touch on issues the union want touched on. And again, we don't disagree with that.

The players want more help with insurance and medical costs after they are done playing. There's no reason they shouldn't get it. None. The players want to see how much money the teams really are making. We don't have a problem with that either. If you are going to run a business that everyone has a share or stake in, you should be able to have access to that. Whether or not you choose to read it should be your decision.

As for the owners. They shouldn't have to give the players a larger cut of what they are already getting from profit sharing. The players get paid a lot of money. A lot of money to play. It shouldn't be on the owners to make sure the players don't waste all of that money and need help to live out their golden years. Medically yes,

Bottom line--this isn't going to be resolved soon. Even though there isn't a huge gulf between what either side wants. This is a battle of ego and will. And its being played on a level that is hard for those of us who don't nor will ever make the kind of money both sides make (The Fans). We wish that both sides would just shut up until they start negotiating again because both sides are starting to say stupid things, but we don't think that will happen.

In the end, you (the fan), will get your football. You'll be paying more for it because the owners have to pass their costs on to somebody. We don't for a minute think there is ANY owner in the NFL losing money. They may not be making the profits they'd like or were, but believe this....they are making money.

To keep you inspired. We give you words of wisdom from the indomitable Shane Falco:

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