Monday, March 14, 2011

Big 12 closing in on its own TV Network

Big 12 (with only 10)/Courtesy:

Hmmm. Sure seems like the cable networks are throwing a ton of money at NCAA Power conferences.

Word is now coming out that the Big 12 and Fox are about to finalize a $60 million a year TV rights deal. That deal would create a channel for only 8 of the leagues 10 teams. (Yeah, its confusing). Texas has their own deal with ESPN for their own network and Oklahoma is planning on having their own too.

Mind you, Texas and Oklahoma will still get their cut of this deal too.

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The funniest part of this is they may not be able to call it "The Big 12 Network", in part because their would only be 8 teams participating in it...and there's only 10 teams in the league. Confused, yeah. You should be.

We don't begrudge the league for making a deal like this and it should tell you how much money the cable networks actually have when you consider the amounts of money they are throwing around. The only question at this point is when will all the "Power" NCAA conferences have their own networks and when will viewers be subjected to an endless loop of re-runs of Gymnastics since they won't have a whole lot of "Big-Ticket" programming (Football), to choose from.

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