Monday, March 14, 2011

For those who care: Your NFL Strike update (Rich People vs. Rich People--Day 3)

NFLPA prez DeMaurice Smith/Courtesy:
We'll explain the headline in a minute. Because we want to try to bring the latest and most important...and sometimes odd things going on in sports, we'll provide you daily updates to the "Crisis in Sport".

In today's news, there is now a date for the lawsuit filed by the leagues players against the owners, April 6th. So it is safe to say, there won't be an agreement before then.

The suit, which includes a slew of "High Profile" NFL Players such as Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Payton Manning and quite a few others, is to receive a temporary injunction forcing the league to open its doors to the players and work something out while continuing business.

A good background explainer from the Washington Post is RIGHT HERE

Sure, we understand that the legal maneuvering is so one side can get the "Advantage" in bargainning. We get that. You want to win if you are in a battle. That is understandable.

And we get why the league is trying to protect their investment. But...when push comes to shove, is this note "Rich People fighting with Rich People"? While we quite honestly don't side with either group in this, we don't understand why they can't come to an agreement. It's not like either group isn't making more money than god!

We agree with the players that the league should do a better job helping them after their careers end with medical insurance and things like that. And we get that the players jobs are not (for the most part) guaranteed. But what we struggle with is the amount of money they are paid. Could you not use some of that for better health insurance? While most of us might not be able to afford it...the players can.

Maybe if the wouldn't by a 10th car for their multi-million dollar mansions, they could secure their futures. We read and see too many stories of broke players after they retire. How does that happen?

As for the owners, you are all a bunch of greedy bastards. The league too. You have sponged off of cities and tax bases for years to fund your new palatial stadiums that half the populace can't afford to go to. And yet you want more. It's not enough to have a stadium, you have to have one with more luxury suites. And a bigger chunk of the revenue. Why?

And you now claim poverty though you have bloated payrolls and private jets and cars and just generally don't do things or relate to things normal people do. But that isn't good enough.

You've made more money than 2 gods on your investments, your teams have never been worth more. Yet it isn't enough.

We know the two sides will eventually come to an agreement here, and we suspect it will be before the season. So fear not fan who pays $90 dollars for an upper deck seat and $10 for your 12oz beer, you will still get to see the game you love.

If we don't come back and play--there's always this:

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