Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Cult of Gus: And the Tournament Begins

Gus/Courtesy: cbssports.com
((ht: NYTimes))

We couldn't pass this story up, because to us...Gus Johnson is "The" voice of the early rounds of the NCAA Tournament, which by the way kicks off today (Tuesday).

The calls are borderline legendary and the hope when a game starts and you find out that he is calling it...that its a close, no, a buzzer beater game. Because when it comes down to it...who's better at calling a buzzer beater than the OSG's favorite play-by-play guy.

Read the profile in the New York Times RIGHT HERE

Here's the most recent Gus favorite call from this years PAC 10 Finals:

Really, does it get any better than that?

We understand the whole thing about Gus not being the #1 announce team guy. He's not for everyone. But really, we'd rather listen to a game with him and Bill Raftery calling the action than any game Jim Nantz and Clark Kellogg will do for CBS Sports.

But he can't be everywhere. We wish he was. However he's been regulated to doing games in places such as the "Big 10" network.

Here's a great Gus game from the incredible Xavier/Kansas State double OT game in last years (2010) tournament:

As great as Gus is, this might be his craziest call of all. From a Cincinnati Bengals vs. Denver Broncos game in 2009:

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