Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Your NFL Strike (Rich vs. Rich) Day 4 Update: Boycott the Draft

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Really. Boycott the draft. Are we playing "Grown Up" labor dispute or the "Kiddie" version.

On Day 4 there was a call for a boycott. The NFLPA in their infinite wisdom has suggested that college players, on the day where they would turn professional, instead boycott the event by not showing up.

Now, we fully realize that only 10 to 20 guys ever actually show up for the event, but still.

It appears that player agents are a motivating force in this, telling ESPN and CBS Sports that they have clients that won't show if asked to attend.

Read more from the excellent Mike Freeman of CBSSports.com RIGHT HERE

We fully understand the "Solidarity" thing and the whole theory of "Sending a message" but come on. If you guys want to fight things out in court and negotiations, than go for it. But don't start taking your fight to other venues.

Really, we wish that some players and owners would actually read stuff like our story and others who are speaking from a fans perspective. Yeah, sure, the owners put out their "Apologetic" statements and so have the players. But do they understand that we (fans) hate both groups? Do they understand that we can't relate to this "Absurdly Stupid" argument that they are having. Do they get that we think both sides are a bunch of "Egotistical Morons" who if they were willing to put their egos aside...for just a few minutes could have hammered out a deal months ago.

No. We see that both sides have been angling for this...for years. They wanted this to happen. Do they not understand the theory of crapping on the "Golden Goose"? Sure, we'll tolerate this for a couple of months since there are no games anyway. But the longer it drags out the worse its going to be...for both sides.

We'd like to say that the draft boycott and loss of games would instantly mean loss of fans, but we aren't naive enough to believe that. There are way too many sheep (Fans) out there who will immediately go out and drop their $100 for upper deck seating, $8 hot dogs and $10 beers.

If they wanted to do something productive during this strike. Come up with a way to make an NFL game affordable for the common folk. Come up with a way to keep people who are paying so much money to come to your game from getting puked on or verbally or physically assaulted by the moron fan who started drinking at 6 a.m before the game and is just looking to be a douchebag. That might be a more productive use of your time.

Thanks for reading me on the Soapbox again.

And just remember, if they don't start the season, you may be subjected to this:

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