Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sports Radio Update guy fired for Tweeting about sponsor

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We seem to report on athletes getting in trouble for Twitter or Facebook comments all the time. What about the people reporting on it? Well, they can get in trouble too. We tell people all the time, be careful what you say online, you never know who is reading it.

Chadd Scott, who did the Sports Updates for 680/The Fan radio in Atlanta lost his job yesterday after Tweeting while traveling on Monday about problems with station sponsor Delta Air Lines.

Scott was apparently stuck in St. Louis due to a Delta related technical issue, so he complained, on Twitter about the misadventures. And apparently Big Brother/Delta was watching, they found the Tweets and when Scott returned to Atlanta, he no longer had his job.

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Interesting. The one thing not made clear in this story is whether the Twitter account was Scott's work account or his personal one. If it was a work account, then are a dumb ass. If it was personal, you need to look into hiring an attorney.

We suspect that Scott may not even have been noticed if not for 2-things. One, the #hashtag thing that Twitter users use. We also use Twitter and tend to stay away from Hashtags unless its a story that we want people to read. Two, why did you bring now former co-worker Buck Belue into it?

We also think that Delta is pretty damn spineless for demanding the guys job for the Tweets. Do they realize that compared to many, many others what Scott said was nothing? We've heard people say some really bad, really crude and really evil things about Delta and in fact have said some of them ourselves.

The Delta people really should grow some backbone and grow up. You aren't a very good airline. You are cheap...and it shows. And its not just you, its the entire industry of yours. You shoehorn people into your planes which are almost always late and give them as little as you possibly can. You charge them $25 just to check a bag, something most people actually have to do when they fly somewhere for a few days.

Uh oh...I just criticized them too. Maybe I'll lose my job? Maybe in the dark of night a Delta agent will come and my wife and cat will never hear from me again. Yikes, I hope this doesn't mean I'll lose my minuscule amount of frequent flyer miles, though it probably does mean I'll be seated in Zone 12 and on the last seat of the next plane that I get on. Hmmmm....

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