Wednesday, March 16, 2011

NFL Strike Update: (Rich vs. Rich) Day 5...All about the posturing

Really there isn't much to report today, day 5 of "Football Held Hostage". It's now become mostly pontification by the various parties.

We told you yesterday about the NFLPA and player agents suggesting college players boycott the upcoming NFL Draft (late April). Well, they are still talking about it, but, well, it didn't exactly endear the players or the NFLPA to the general public.

Aside from that, the Jolly Roger and NFL general counsel Jeff Pash made the interview rounds yesterday, espousing the leagues line that they want to get a deal done.

And maybe they do. But for some reason, we don't believe the owners constituency does. Maybe we are wrong. But we don't think so.

We did find this letter that the (since we can't name them), the team that allegedly plays football in Washington D.C sent to the beloved Washington Post, basically throwing the players under the bus.

You can read excerpts from RIGHT HERE

You can see PFT Editor Mike Florio doing an interview with the dreaded Drew Rosenhaus about the players boycotting the draft here:

We still say to the owners and players. Deal with this bitches. Just remember this and the name. Falco. Shane Falco!

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