Monday, March 7, 2011

Tom Brady is....(Insert your own caption)

Guess you'll do anything for your own Supermodel?

Send us your best caption. The winner gets a copy of our book...

1. Do you love my hair like I love my hair?
2. Look into my eyes...You lost to the J E T S...JETS JETS JETS (from Tom)
3. My other hair style is Brazilian too (Tom Leonard)
4. "I forgot to brush my teeth, does my breath stink (Diana Sainz)
5. "Baby do you have any of that Pantene? My hair is feeling little greasy (Diana Sainz)
6. "If I grow my hair any longer, can I put my leg up when we kiss (Scott Kyser)

1 comment:

Tom said...

LOOK into my eyes... You lost to the J E T S... JETS JETS JETS