Monday, March 7, 2011

Heat lose again: There's no crying in Basketball!

LeBron James/Courtesy:
And really, due to circumstances and a few big mouths, there are very few people aside from ESPN producers who are empathizing with the plight of the Miami Heat.

The team proclaimed by alleged experts...and themselves as the greatest after picking up LeBron James and Chris Bosh in the offseason to go along with Dwayne Wade has, well....underachieved a bit.

As for the crying thing. That came on the heels of the Heat losing on Sunday, 87-86 to the Chicago Bulls. It was alluded to in the post game presser by embattled Miami Coach Erik Spoelstra.

Read more from the Chicago Sun-Times (note the headline: Crying game): RIGHT HERE

Here's the Fort Lauderdale (north of Miami) Sun-Sentinel's take on things RIGHT HERE

Really we just can't find room in our collective hearts to be sad for the Heat. This is what they asked for. This is what they wanted. They wanted to be the "Three Amigos" or whatever they are trying to call themselves. They aren't.

While they all may get along just fine off a basketball court, they obviously have some issues on it. Individually they are all very, very talented players. But they are talented players who don't know how to play together within a system. For all the ESPN hype that they may break the record for most wins in a season. That won't happen. They are 43-20 with 19 games left. Heck, they right now are the #3 seed for the playoffs.

It isn't to say they won't be dangerous in the 3 months known as the NBA playoffs, they will. If they get hot, they can still be a problem. But they've been exposed. Teams know what it takes to beat them and they are beating them. It just re-inforces the point that money and superstars may buy happiness, but may not necessarily buy a title.

If you want to know why these guys are mocked almost everywhere outside Miami now, look back and remember this video:

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